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Chennai,a major metropolitan city of India,has also been the cradle of several historic movements besides acting as the cultural and educational hub of South India.Today it leads in terms of trade and commerce, and has greatly contributed to the country’s economy as a whole.releaseMyAd,an ad agency based in the city helps an advertiser to conveniently place their adverts over a range of mediums like newspapers,radio,cinema and internet.Our team of experts are a storehouse of intelligence,and smartly buy ad slots in the above mentioned advertising channels so as to maximise your return on investment.

Newspaper View Rates
  • Main Edition
  • 20cm X 12cm Ad
  • Any Page

The Hindu :


Daily Thanthi :


  • 15 Secs Jingle
  • 7 Spots/Day
  • 7 Days

Suryan Fm :


Radio Mirchi :


  • 20 Seconds
  • Audio Slide
  • 15 Days

Big Cinemas Bungalow Road :


Big Cinemas Avinash Road :


  • 100+ Websites
  • 10000 Impressions
  • 100 Clicks

Google Search Advertising :


Display Network Advertising :


Which Media is good for which budget?

While I’m sure everyone already knows this, there is no harm in re-iterating the fact that an ad campaign usually requires some serious amounts of brainstorming and planning. One has to take into several factors such as budget, marketing goals and media buying. Media buying pertains to buying relevant space in an advertising medium. Media buying for a campaign usually depends a lot of the focus group that is to be targeted.

Ad campaigns are launched with any of the three following objectives:

Branding: When an advertiser is looking to spread the name of his brand all over town, it is generally the case that a sufficient number of media vehicles are booked to launch the campaign on multiple forefronts. With Chennai’s ample internet, cinema, and radio advertising opportunities, branding is possible on a large scale.

Brand Awareness: Brand Awareness generally involves various tactics of brand reinforcements, which is where Chennai’s abundant newspaper advertising options come in handy. Newspapers are trusted by readers, and, coupled with the low advertising cost, makes the newspaper, along with the radio, an ideal advertising destination for a brand awareness campaign.

Sales: Sales campaigns are often dependent on the urgency, the organization, the product/service and the advertising budgets. Thankfully, Chennai offers advertisers with abundant advertising facilities, so that one can sculpt their own advertising campaigns based on their needs.